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In English


Simerock will be back 9.-10.8.2019



The legendary Simerock was initially started in Kolpeneentie, Rovaniemi in the year 2002. The festival was free of charge and organized completely by voluntary work. It took place in a backyard of a house, temperature getting -25 degrees of celsius below zero! In those days there wasn't too many winter festivals organized anywhere in Lapland nor in Rovaniemi.

Local bands like Sub Humanus, Sirkuslinnut, Yhteiskunnan Ystävät?, Bad Feeling, Sethery and the big names like Apulanta performed there!

Long gone tv-channel MoonTV broadcasted a television program from that memorable party. You can see the clip in Pixoff.net website.

The party created such a buzz, that a harmless little party, that at first was meant for some twenty or thirty friends had an attendance of over a thousand visitors. At that time the authorities weren't ready for the power of rock and decided to interrupt the obscure event. Still the legend and the atmosphere lived on!

The next Simerock was organized in Ounaspaviljonki, Rovaniemi in November 2003. That Simerock broke the record of visitors when the furthest came all the way from the most southern parts of Finland, including Helsinki and eastern city of Savonlinna! This time the festival was successfully finished without interruption!

It is the same great spirit which makes Simerock the unique festival that it is today! The steadfast willingness, the best bands, professional organization and volunteers along with the local authority will make sure, that the legend of Simerock 2002 never dies!

Long live Rovaniemi, North and everyone, who remembers or shares this great spirit!


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